Pay After Your Safari


Evacay Africa has put up an all-inclusive full-day trip to wonderful destinations in Nairobi so that you can
fully appreciate the atmosphere and rich cultural backdrop that the city has to offer.
Our schedule includes a variety of exciting activities in Nairobi, and you may pay before or after your
trip. The covered destinations are David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kazuri Beads and Karen Blixen
Museum. Meals and entrance cost are all included in the rates for the package.

Schedule For Day Trip Around Nairobi

Here is a well-planned activity plan for the day. Our trips are conducted in specially designed pop-up on top vans or comfy 4×4 vans, the choice is yours. Our expert tour guides will accompany you during the tour to ensure that your vacation is as enjoyable as possible.

1. The Pick Up (8:00 A.M)

At exactly 8 a.m. Your driver will arrive to pick you up from your Nairobi hotel or the residence to begin the thrilling excursion.

2. The Karen Blixen Museum (8:45 A.M to 10:45 A.M)

The Karen Blixen Museum, 10 kilometres (6 miles) from Nairobi City Centre, will be the first destination. Trackers who appreciate a lot of wildlife will enjoy the Karen Blixen Museum, where they will get a chance to see artefacts and hear a tale of Kenya’s colonial history, which dates back to 1914. Out of Africa, a well-known film was also filmed here. Souvenirs, handicrafts, postcards, and books will be available for purchase.

3. David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage (11 A.M to 12 P.M)

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, better known as the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, will be the next destination. This is a world-famous sanctuary that rescues and raises orphaned elephants and rhinos with delicate loving care. For a full hour, baby elephants are shown playing, rolling in the dirt, frolicking, and being fed from large milk bottles.

4. The Giraffe Centre (12:30 P.M to 2:30 P.M)

The Giraffe Centre will then be our next destination. The Rothschild’s giraffe, which is critically endangered, is protected at this center, which mixes serious conservation with fun activities. From a high wooden structure, you may view, hand-feed, and even kiss one of the giraffes, which is a unique experience. Warthogs may be seen snuffling around in the muck, and there’s a self-guided woodland trek in the nearby Gogo River Bird Sanctuary.

5. The Kazuri Beads (2:45 PM to 3:30 PM)

At Kazuri Beads, you can unwind and enjoy some refreshments while sampling stunning ceramic bead decorations and jewellery made by local women artisans. In Kiswahili, Kazuri means “small and
lovely.” Custom bead bracelets, necklaces, and key rings are also available.

6. The Drop Off

Take some time to catch the breath-taking Nairobi sunset on your way back as your Evacay Africa
driver drops you at the destination of your choice.

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