Our Story

On a mission to bridge the gap between you & quality African safaris...

Thank You for taking the time to visit our website. I truly appreciate you.

Welcome to my dream; EVACAY. Living it means the world to me. I’m glad to serve you through a passion that serves my soul.

My mum and dad, bless their souls, bent over backwards to offer me and my baby brother a comfortable life. Christmas holidays were a highlight at our home. From unpacking the decoration boxes, lighting up the Christmas tree to hosting our favorite cousins for play dates. The icing on the cake was packing our bags, hoping into our Toyota Corolla and embarking on a trip. It always was a new location; an adventure. We did not have a lot but my parents made it happen...

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Our EVACAY family will get you to that desired destination. That’s a fact. Now, I have one request. When you step out the car or walk out the plane, take a minute… or five… LIVE IN THE MOMENT; words my parents taught me to live by. So look around, feel the ground, hug your loved one and don’t forget to capture the moment.

We, at Evacay, are cognizant of the fact that such precious moments are priceless. It’s the gasps we hear when you see a parade of elephants for the first time right next to the tour van, the anxious faces as you follow young wilder beasts hoping they make it across the Mara river and the palpable adrenaline as you cheer the antelope running for its life from a gritty lioness in search of a meal. Yes, Evacay is a tour company but we are driven by a passion for adventure. I have immersed my mind and soul into these magical moments. It keeps getting better. Everyone needs to experience this.

As that little boy on the back seat of the Toyota Corolla, I assure you of my commitment to create beautiful and fulfilling experiences through Evacay. Also, do not get out of the tour van while on Safari. (My parents, as always, were right).

Just like my parents, Evacay will lead you to fulfilling experiences without breaking the bank.

Now, before you get back to your life and hopefully book a trip with us (Yes, I have to market Evacay – (Insert Smiley), take a minute and look up the word Eleutheromania. Our dedicated team at Evacay is ready to handle that for you like the pros we are and continually aspire to be.