1. The Masai
The local culture call themselves the Maasai and there are many derivatives of this heritage. Find cultural villages scattered around the Maasai Mara Reserve, living in a symbiotic relationship with the wildlife whilst settled deep in the African bush. Read more about their amazing African traditions, giving insight into what makes them a focal point in Kenya’s history.

2. Marvel at the Mara
Home to the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’ — the annual migration of one-and-a-half million wildebeest and their accompanying escort of zebra, antelope and predators — the Masai Mara remains Kenya’s most famous reserve thanks to the sheer brilliance of its game viewing. Here, in a single morning, you can expect to see vast numbers of elephant, lion, giraffe, hippo and a veritable kaleidoscope of plains game, interspersed with such superb sightings as a lone cheetah perched on a termite mound, a leopard up a tree or a family of warthogs high-tailing it across the savannah.

3. You might spot the Big Five
Kenya is easily one of Africa’s greatest wildlife watching destinations, home as it is to the Big Five (African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and white/black rhinos)

4. Visit Pristine Beaches, Eat Seafood and Sail in the Kenyan Coast
Kenya’s coast is unlike anywhere else in the country, and it’s not just the gorgeous white sand beaches! The majority of the Muslim population are lined along the towns and cities of the coastline, most notably, Mombasa. Kenya’s second city has remnants of its Arabic influence within the quaint Old Town area, but the draw are the beaches, where many come to socialize and provide for a friendly atmosphere, and some that are totally uncrowded

5. Culture
Kenya is home to many different ethnic and cultural groups, with swathes of migrants who have helped shape the country. Possibly the most famous of these are the fabled semi-nomadic Masai people, who are known for their survival abilities and hunting expertise. But there are countless different tribes in Kenya, each with its own language, religions and other cultural practices

6. Delight your Taste Buds with Kenyan Food
Sample an array of great local dishes from Kenya. From the bizarre, traditional and everyday dishes, you will try it all. The capital, Nairobi is full of restaurants boasting diverse menus from all corners of the globe. You can also try some exciting dining experiences; including dining at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant and the Moorings Floating Restaurant

7. World-Class Birding At Kenya’s Great Rift Valley Lakes
Kenya’s wetlands and lakes of the Great Rift Valley are vital ecosystems that support some of the most beautiful and diverse avi-fauna species on earth! Stand along the shores of the famous alkaline Lake Nakuru where millions of flamingos gather to devour over 250,000 kilograms of the algae that lends to their brilliant pink plumage. These lesser and greater rosy-colored feathered creatures mingle amongst one of the highest concentrations of long-crested eagles, as well as cormorants, goliath herons, African fish eagles, pink-backed pelicans and other speckled birds, all accounting for only a small sample of the more than 450 recorded species. Lake Bogoria, another of the Great Rift Valley lakes, is one of the richest of Kenya’ Important Bird Areas with over 373 recorded bird species

8. Natural beauty
From snow-capped mountains to the deep Rift Valley with its extinct volcanoes and hot springs, Kenya offers a breathtaking natural beauty that is distinctly spectacular. Inland, there are wide-open plains and savannahs, arid deserts and undisturbed forests. Along the coast there are magnificent sandy beaches and access to amazing coral reefs. Whether you choose to laze in the tropical sun, swim in the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean or climb Mount Kenya, you will experience an unparalleled variety of beauty everywhere you travel. Go on safari to spot the “Big Five” animals in the wild, or simply enjoy our history, culture and lifestyle. Kenya has something for everyone

9. Great accommodation
A great deal of accommodation in Kenya is family friendly, and there is ample choice of places to stay from exclusive tented camps, to luxury lodges. Rooms are often designed with comfort in mind, and safari tents are usually spaced far apart to give privacy.

10. Shop for exceptional art, jewelry, crafts and home décor pieces
Visit curio stores and buy perfect pieces to wear. When it comes to jewelry, you can always buy beautiful items in Maasai Market and other flea markets. You can also buy fabric to make clothes, décor items and furniture. Places to visit are Kitengela Glass Art, Kazuri beads and curio shops.