Can I Have My Own Custom Itinerary and Travel Private with My Friends / Family?

Private Safaris are the perfect way to share and celebrate Special Occasions with friends and family. They are equally ideally suited for special interest organizations as well as corporate training and reward programs.

You can schedule your own dates on one of our Regular Safaris or let us create a unique safari tailored to your specific needs and wishes. We’ve arranged private Safaris/ Trips for more than 10 years, and are experts at planning complex itineraries anywhere in Africa. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen – all you need to do is get the group together.

There are two forms of private trips:

• Block Safari – a block Safari is a private trip based on any of our existing itineraries (which have already been researched, planned and priced on our website). The easiest way to build a block trip is to simply to take over an existing departure date with your group.

• Custom Safari – a custom Safari is a private trip built from scratch to reflect the unique needs and interests of your group. Since creating a custom Safari and confirming availability takes longer than taking over a block Safari, we recommend that you contact us as soon as you have an idea of when and where you want to travel.

Anyone with a valid passport is eligible to travel to the countries and destinations offered by Evacay Africa What you will need to do however is to ascertain whether you need a visa for any of the countries you plan to visit; this is best done by visiting your nearest embassy or consulate website.

Evacay Africa representatives are unable to arrange visas for our clients and they cannot be held responsible if visa applications are denied for any reason.

You must ensure that you meet the immunization, inoculation and medication regulations of various African countries.

What are The Weight and Size Restrictions on Luggage When Traveling in Africa?

We offer two types of air transfer: either a private charter where you have sole use of the aircraft, or a scheduled air transfer based on a “seat-in-plane” basis where you share the aircraft with other guests (and thereby benefit from the lower cost). Unless specifically requested to do otherwise, we will automatically book you onto the scheduled air transfer with other guests, as this is the more cost-effective option.

It is most important to note that on charter aircraft, allowances do vary. While most charter flights now permit 20 kg, others still limit passengers to 12kg allowance per passenger, which is strictly enforced due to safety factors and the limited space available on these aircraft. In either instance, the weight allowance includes hand luggage and camera equipment.

Charter companies insist on a soft carry-all (instead of a suitcase) with the following maximum dimensions: 80 cm long by 30 cm wide. Please keep in mind that the baggage compartments on some of the light aircraft are only 25 cm high, so the pilots must have the ability to manipulate the bag into the compartment.

What safari vehicle types do you use on your tours?

Our standard safari vehicle is a custom designed minivan with pop up top for ease of photography during game viewing drives and sightseeing. The vehicle sits a maximum of 6 persons for guarantee window seats and access to the pop up top. View our pop up top minivan.

We also use the pop up top 4×4 land cruiser jeep on safari. This is an upgrade on request and comes at an extra cost. View our pop up top 4×4 land cruiser jeep.

Both safari vehicle types are fitted with long range radios for easy communication, cooler boxes, and first aid kits.

Both safari minivan and 4×4 jeep are sufficiently adequate for safari tour.

The 4×4 jeep has several advantages over the safari minivan; this includes a higher elevation, better navigation on rough terrain, deeper reach, is more comfortable and brings out better the adventure essence.

How Many Days Do you Recommend for a Safari?

Obviously the longer you are on safari the more you see at a relaxed pace of travel. However, we offer safaris ranging from 3 days to 30 days in length.

The general rule is to allow at least 2 nights [3 days] at each safari location, though there are locations where 1 night [2 days] is practical.

How Close to a Departure Date Can Evacay Africa Take Reservations?

In general, we can take bookings up to 1 Day prior to departure for excursions and most city tours trips or Day trips Adventures; On select tours, we are able to take bookings within 5-7 days of departure, subject to domestic air and room availability; up to 35 days prior to departure for Extended Vacations and Escorted Tours.

At that time, we’re required to finalize our passenger information with the airlines and hotels, and we release all unused space back to the vendors. All bookings inside 45 days of departure are by request and are confirmed on a case-by-case basis

What is a single room supplement / extra?

A single room supplement is an extra fee imposed on single occupancy of a double room by hotels, safari lodges and camps. Our safari tour prices are based on two persons sharing in a double room /tent.

If someone chooses to take single occupancy of room, single room supplement applies.

Are children welcome on safari?

Sure! Taking your family on holiday to Africa is easier than you think, it’s a big continent full of wild places and large toothy animals, but there are loads of top family-friendly African luxury destinations that can deliver the thrills and spills of Africa with the safety, service and professionalism that you’ve come to expect from any family holiday destination around the world.

We’ve got all sorts of ideas for your African luxury family holidays and will transform your children’s playtime into safari time taking them on a top-class luxury family African safari where the animals of their toy cupboard come to life. You can also kick back on a fabulous family beach holiday where our amazing African beaches provide a sunny stage for a memorable luxury vacation.

We’ve got luxury private villas in jaw-dropping locations that have been designed with families in mind and we’ve scoured the lodges and resorts of Africa for places with the best kids’ clubs, so you can do your thing while your children are looked after by trained child-minders and activity organizers.

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Safari?

It is highly recommended to make arrangements for your safari in advance as far as possible. 4-6 months is most convenient and assures you availability especially during the months of the high season, July-mid September, Christmas – New Year.

This saves last minute searches which often find you compromising standards and with no guarantee of availability. Some safaris sell out months ahead of their departure dates. This is especially important for those planning to travel during peak seasons and for those adding extensions to scheduled trips.

What are the distances and driving times on safari?

Distances and driving times in Africa vary from the European and American concepts. In Kenya, roads are narrow and may not be well maintained. The roads immediately leading to the National Parks and Game Reserves are rough.

Please note that stated driving time on safari itineraries/programs are estimate and may vary depending on traffic and road condition.

Is it guaranteed to spot the ‘Big Five’ or other specific wildlife during your safari?

Specific animal spotting cannot be guaranteed on safari, as animals are in their natural habitat. Our safari itineraries are however designed and operated to bring out the best opportunities for game viewing.

There are some parks / locations with almost guarantees for specific sightings

These include Amboseli for Elephant herds, Hippos at Mzima springs in Tsavo West & Lake Naivasha, Rhino at Lake Nakuru and others.

In national parks, game viewing drives become exciting because of the “search” and “find” aspect.

Can my cell phone work in Africa on Safari? How about Internet?

Yes, there is extensive coverage throughout Eastern and Southern Africa. In some countries, this may be primarily in and around major urban areas. Before traveling, ask your cell phone service provider to open your phone to allow international roaming.

Most city hotels will have either internet connection in your bedroom, or a business centre where you can spend time online. There are also some safari lodges and camps in the areas we travel which offer internet access. In remote areas, however, there is no internet connection. Relish it!

Is it safe to travel to Africa?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Africa derives a significant portion of its foreign income by the spending that international visitors contribute to a country. It is in both the private companies and government’s interests to keep the visitor safe in their visiting country.

Most safaris take place in remote wildlife areas, away from villages, towns and cities, and so the risk of crime to visitors travelling to tourist destinations are generally very low. The transfers (by road or air) between airports, hotels and lodges are operated by reputable companies or by the properties themselves. This means you will not be unattended at any time during your safari and your chances of encountering problems are minimal. However, no country is 100% safe, therefore it is wise to take precaution when travelling and be alert as you would in any situation, and let common sense prevail.

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Safari?

It is highly recommended to make arrangements for your safari in advance as far as possible. 4-6 months is most convenient and assures you availability especially during the months of the high season, July-mid September, Christmas – New Year.

This saves last minute searches which often find you compromising standards and with no guarantee of availability. Some safaris sell out months ahead of their departure dates. This is especially important for those planning to travel during peak seasons and for those adding extensions to scheduled trips.

Can you smoke when you are on safari?

Due to a variety of factors smoking is not permitted in our Safari Vehicles. However, regular stops can be arranged for you to enjoy your cigarette .These are designated rest stops which also have bathroom facilities.

What complimentary services does Evacay Africa provide for its safari participants?

Kenya is world famous for its friendly and hospitable people. We extend this hospitality to our safari participants by providing complimentary meet and greet services including Nairobi airport to hotel shuttle transfers during your arrival and departure.

Other services include general destination assistance services as may be required.

What Are The Meals Like?

The food served at most safari lodges and tented camps is of the highest quality. Gourmet cooks bake fresh breads, and produce soups, salads, and entrees that could easily grace tables at top restaurants around the world. Meals are international in flavor with soups, salads, cold meats, pasta dishes, meat and fish dishes, and breads.

Your day normally starts with tea and biscuits before your morning activity. Returning to your lodge or camp late morning, brunch is enjoyed – cereals, fruit, bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast. Buffet lunches are typical with a warm dish such as stew served with salads, quiches and cold meats. Dinner consists of an appetizer followed by meat, fish and pasta dishes served with assorted vegetables and sauces. Dinner is followed by coffee (or tea), cheeses, and gorgeous desserts.

Nairobi boasts a wide range of mouth-watering regional specialties, in addition to exceptional French cuisine, fiery Indian curries and the ever-abundant fresh fish and game. South African specialties, on the other hand, are derived from Indonesian cuisine with mildly spicy Malay dishes popular around Cape Town. Outdoor grilling is also very much a part of local life here.

In the bush, the quality of the cuisine in lodges and camps is also superb. Meats, vegetables and fruit arrive daily, fresh from the surrounding area’s rich farmlands. Early morning coffee is served before the sunrise game drive, followed by abundant breakfast buffets, luncheons on the veranda and a formal afternoon tea. Dinners are fashionably late following the return of the afternoon game drive, allowing time for relaxation and “sundowners” in the lounge or around the campfire.

Are international flight costs included in your advertised safari tour prices?

Our safari tour prices does not include international air tickets.