Nairobi National Park


Nairobi National Park lies within sight of Nairobi city, and animals can be seen against a backdrop of high-rise buildings. The park’s proximity to a large urban center is unique in Africa and wildlife viewing is a very unique experience.


It is home to a diverse array of wildlife including lions, leopards, buffalos, zebra, antelopes, giraffe and over 400 species of birds. Once inside the park, it really does feel like you have left the city far behind. Sunset over the Ngong Hills and vast vistas stretching down over acacia-dotted plains are evocative of the true spirit of Africa.


Although fenced on three sides, the 117 square kilometer park is open to the south and teeming with wildlife.


Explore on a safari tour, enjoy picnic sites and campsites, and hike an assortment of walking trails in this nature escape. Half-day and full-day tours allow visitors to drive through the park’s grass plains with the capital’s skyscrapers as a backdrop, spotting endangered animal species in their natural habitat.